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Permaculture Design Course

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Full 2 week Permaculture Design
All inclusive price: £600 - £490 (Low income/ student)

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Permaculture is a design system based on observation of natural systems; it is the application of the principles of ecology to create genuinely sustainable settlement.

A Permaculture design course is inspiring, fun, inclusive and a chance to join in and meet people. Its an experience, usually camping or caravaning on farm, on hill, in nature, experiencing it first hand, gaining perspective whilst forging new possibilities.

Permaculture equips you to look at the world in a creative, positive and solutions based approach. Gardens, communities, businesses, its ideas and insights can be applied in many contexts. It is a bottom-up, nature-first development approach focusing on the relocalisation of food and resource production.

About the course
We are very proud to offering this intensive permaculture design course. Sector39 has delivered 20+ PDC's thus far and we offer is as an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to go beyond just talking about sustainability and is ready to turn their convictions into actions and to meet and get involved with like minded people.

This Full Permaculture Design Course is brought to you by Sector39 design partnership, part of Cwm Harry Skills and training. We are based on the 350 acre community owned farm Moelyci near Bangor in North Wales

The course, whilst based at one venue, visits a variety of other exciting groundbreaking projects such as:

As well as engaging in practical gardening, land design, green building and renewable energy projects.

Practical sessions include:

      • Building with natural materials like straw bale and earth cob
      • Organic horticulture master class
      • Green woodwork
      • Food preserving and fermenting
      • Practical textile crafts, spinning and weaving
Who is the course for?
The course is open to anyone over the age of 16. No prior knowledge of permaculture is needed, just an enthusiasm for the subject area and to learn.

What will the course cover?
This is a 72-hour full permaculture design course which follows an internationally recognised curriculum and offers information about and some hands-on experience of the basics of permaculture design: designing for sustainability in all walks of life.

Whether your interest is gardening, farming, planning, building homes, community work, economic regeneration, business or green lifestyles the application of Permaculture principles empowers you to make a positive contribution towards a sustainable future.

The course will enable you to apply permaculture principles in your individual circumstance to help move towards sustainability.

Permaculture relates to
      • Personal development
      • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
      • Natural systems and ecology
      • Organic gardening and edible landscapes
      • Soils, water, forests
      • Eco housing and buildings
      • Community working and Transition Towns
      • Crafts, working with hand tools and natural materials
Course tutors
Elements of the course will be delivered by these and other tutors:
  • Steven Jones, permaculture teacher and designer
  • Chris Dixon, permaculture pioneer and teacher
  • Richard Stephenson, green woodwork practicals
  • Emma Maxwell, organic horticulture tutor and small holder 
  • Sue Dolman, spinning, knitting and textiles
  • Amanda Dean, herbalist, interested in personal development and Transition
Learning methods and outcomes
The course is spread over 2 weeks and is intensive. It combines practical exercises with classroom based sessions, talks and presentations.
We use a variety of methods; small group work, games, presentations, discussion, video and slides. We also explore the venue, integrating it into much of the learning, and find out more about its history and practices.
By the end of the course you will have a good basic knowledge of the permaculture ethics and principles and how to apply them and have seen examples of them at work in a variety of different contexts.
The course is completed with group presentations of design projects you will have completed during the course. Rather than seeing this as a test, the exercise is designed to provide experience of developing and presenting a design as part of a group.
On completion all participants are awarded with Permaculture Design Certificate recognised by the Permaculture Association of Britain.

              £600 Full Price (£450 Students and low income) occasionally bursaries are available. Click here to see next available courses
            "If we dont stop agriculture
            then we are all dead!"
            Bill Mollison
            (Watch 'In Grave Danger of Falling Food')

            "You can solve all the worlds'
            problems in a gard
            Geoff Lawton

            (Watch 'Greening the Desert' for more

            **see blog section
            for more info on latest courses and posts
            and discussions on permaculture issues

            animated gif of past permaculture courses

            Montage from previous courses

            planting a forest garden at the workhouse
            Course group planting a forest garden, at the Workhouse May 09

            Feedback from recent Permaculture Design Courses:

            I can say without hesitation that the Permaculture Design Course was my best ever educational experience. Your commitment, passion, intelligence, knowledge and spontaneity instilled in me the permaculture ethos that inspires me to apply this knowledge to save us from us. 

            I would willingly press-gang anyone into going on your Permaculture Design Course! ..................... Ashley

            steve jones and emma maxwell permaculture design course

            Recommended reading

            Any of the books below are recommended but it is not necessary for those attending to have read them, but they are all good starting points. Sector39 permaculture and sustainability book store

            Have a browse around our Amazon bookstore for some top titles.

            Plenty of opportunity for green crafts

            Booking - Please book via the Permaculture Design course website

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            Any questions please get in touch with me directly.

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            A 2 week certificated residential course that can change your life and be the catalyst to turn personal convictions into actions.

            A Permaculture Design Course is is an internationally recognised 72 hr curriculum aimed at personal empowerment and developing a real understanding of the key concepts in design for sustainability.