Full Permaculture Design Certificate courses, Autumn/ Winter 2016-17


Sector39 are taking bookings for two full PDC’s running over the coming autumn/ winter period. An intensive, residential course in the Mid Wales hills with cmping or bunkhouse accommodation, in the second half of September

The 6 part course, runs every other weekend spread over three months, at RISC Reading, start in January.

Please get in touch to find out more about these fantastic opportunites to study permaculture and make connections and contacts to help you in your own ambitions. Studying permaculture is a big step towards a saner and more rewarding life, building solutions and responses to the challenges of the modern world.

£600/ £450 for the residential course (low price for those on <£18k pa)

or £225 for the 6 part course in Reading

A deposit is required to secure a place, please see the booking form

Press release for the Reading PDC

Dear Radio Berkshire,

I would love to tell you more about the permaculture design course I am running at RISC in the New year, I believe it will be of great interest to your listeners.

In 2002-5 I was instrumental in building the now fully established roof top forest garden on the RISC centre at 39 London Street Reading. This is a garden system modelled on the principles of ecology and it has created an abundant and beautiful landscape that needs little maintenance and is highly productive. It is a great example of working with permaculture design and this winter I will be returning to run a series of 6 weekends teaching the broader principles of permaculture and showing how to use this powerful design system for yourself.

Permaculture is the fastest growing, most vital and energetic grass roots movement around. Permaculture is a design system which addresses the challenging issues of the day.. resource depletion, climate change, soil loss, financial chaos and the social and economic turmoil that goes with that.

Permaculture design, often taught via a peer to peer learning process is a complete syllabus on sustainability, It shows you how to become an active part of the solution, is empowering and life enhancing. It is the panacea to the gloom and doom of the present day and an important part of the mechanism that will allow us to turn this destructive ship around to build the kind of World system we might all want to be part of.

Globalisation is proving to be a massive failure, finance and banking system have arguably become a massive global fraud, Western economies are suffocating under unmanageable levels of debt and the fragile biosphere of the planet is suffering from collapsing biodiversity, soil erosion, lowering water tables and deforestation. This massive degradation we are inflicting on the physical environment will have potentially disastrous and far reaching consequences. Bizarrely our economic paradigm actually values resource destruction and environmental damage as a measurement of achievement and consequently decision makers, politicians and corporates are wilfully blind to the devastation they are causing. Economic growth at all costs is the mantra, even when it benefits increasingly few and at an ever greater cost to the natural world.

Permaculture is a grass roots, bottom-up design process which attempts to address all of these issues.. it focuses on self-empowering and bypasses many of the blockages to launching projects and initiatives from within the mainstream. Permaculture is about modelling on nature to build resilience, to re-localise and regenerate the social and biological complexity that globalised systems have eroded.

This is a course for anyone with an active interest in our continued survival on this planet. This is an energising, inspirational and uplifting experience with the power to transform and create new possibilities.

Places are limited, prices flexible according to income, and include all core costs, certification, field trips etc. There are two intern places available at cost only, in return for a commitment to volunteer and contribute to sector39 and on this or future courses.


I would be more than happy to make myself available for interview to discuss this or any of the matters it raises.



TSW Jones
Permaculture courses, landscapes and design
Ty Cornel, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, Powys
SY10 0JW. 0771 981 8959


By Ian Watt, for Sector39

Greening the city at RISC

Greening the city at RISC

You don’t have to move to the country to be part of the transition to a sustainable way of life. The city is full of opportunities too – as you can see at RISC where a bare roof has been transformed into a forest garden with an abundance of food plants, medicinal herbs, flowers, bees, birds to create a relaxing, biodiverse and productive space. Now in its 9th year, the RISC roof garden is fantastic example of an urban sustainability initiative and it serves as an excellent working example of what is possible.

You can find out about the ecological principles behind the roof garden and how they can be applied to any situation on 24th September 2011 when Steve Jones of the Sector39 permaculture design partnership, co-designer and builder of the garden, will be giving a one-day presentation and workshop on urban permaculture at RISC, London street Reading. Steve is an inspirational teacher and has a wealth of practical experience of ecological projects in Zimbabwe and the UK, including the amazing Cwm Harry community garden developed on a disused parking lot on an industrial estate in Newtown, Powys.

When you understand and observe these principles in every day life you will be able to work with any land you can access – whether its the edge around a school playing field, a tiny garden, a car park, wasteland, a disused industrial site…. these insights couldn’t be more useful and timely for individuals and communities facing up the challenges posed by peak oil and resource depletion and as part of the wider transition to more sustainable practices.

More details on the Sector39 website.