Full Permaculture Design Certificate courses, Autumn/ Winter 2016-17


Sector39 are taking bookings for two full PDC’s running over the coming autumn/ winter period. An intensive, residential course in the Mid Wales hills with cmping or bunkhouse accommodation, in the second half of September

The 6 part course, runs every other weekend spread over three months, at RISC Reading, start in January.

Please get in touch to find out more about these fantastic opportunites to study permaculture and make connections and contacts to help you in your own ambitions. Studying permaculture is a big step towards a saner and more rewarding life, building solutions and responses to the challenges of the modern world.

£600/ £450 for the residential course (low price for those on <£18k pa)

or £225 for the 6 part course in Reading

A deposit is required to secure a place, please see the booking form

Green Shoots: Monthly piece for Llanrhaeadr Chronicle

Green Shoots

July 2014

It has been an interesting month for the environment.  We are saying goodbye to Government minister Owen Patterson who we now understand declined to be briefed by the Government advisor on climate change; it’s a sad day when politics doesn’t have the time for science or to fully consider the long term implications of the decisions they are making.

As someone with a long term background working for the environment I have long held with the view think global, act local, so I think it is locally where we can often have the most impact with our own actions. That said it is deeply frustrating when our own government ministers refuse to review the startling information about the negative impact that development is having on the environment. We are fed the idea that it is a trade-off between the two objectives; it’s either development or the environment and this is simply not true.

Going forward it is essential that we embrace development models that speak to both agendas and this is why I dedicate a great deal of my time to the study and practice of permaculture design. The rules of ecology are non-negotiable and we ignore them at our peril and continuing to do so will lead us into sudden and violent economic collapse. Currently witness the crop-lands of California, withering under yet another serious drought or the disastrous top-soil loss in the Mid-West. We simply cannot afford to squander our ecological assets in this fashion and expect there not to be dire consequences. Now we witness the geo-political positioning over access to the remaining fossil fuel reserves rather than seeking realistic low carbon solutions.

As a local community our priorities should be around using our collective voice to lobby for more sensible approaches whilst also working hard to protect our own biodiversity, reducing our energy use and securing our own local food supply. The last decade has seen an explosion of grassroots social and environmental projects as people worldwide come to realise the predicament we are all facing. This is also driven by the increasing realisation that meaningful change will come from the bottom up, rather than top down government led initiatives which are so closely defined by their intimate relationship with the existing status quo.

So our greatest hope comes from the actions of individuals and communities; to collectively explore and develop alternatives to the resource intensive system of capital that we currently enjoy.  As Cwm Harry and Sector39 and as members of this community we are active running courses, building community gardens and supporting the development of grassroots responses and we invite anyone interested to get in touch to find out more.

Steven Jones



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