Block chain in Africa, a new financial dawn?

Block chain in Africa, a new financial dawn?

The interview in the second half of this episode of Keiser Report should be of real interest to all my African friends. Digital currencies are already rampant in Africa with the Mpesa system, Airtel etc, but they still run through a middle man who can take a cut. Blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin is peer-to-peer verified, so there is no middle man. Global markets work to the detriment of poorer nations so the rapidly expanding world of digital and peer-to-peer currencies and technologies creates many possibilities to sidestep some of the many failings of the old financial system.

Letter from Gambia


Hi Steve..

We believe that  permaculture is  essential for sustainable development.
Buba, Gambia

Our aims are to create a central permaculture resource center as well
as build a strong permaculture network across the country by gathering
as much training materials and information on permaculture and organic
farming as possible. We would then aim to bring the information to the
rural communities in the upcountry regions and create a permaculture
revolution in our country.

We believe that by developing a permaculture movement here, we will help the government’s aims to make the Gambia a 100% organic and food self-sufficient country.

The challenge is that although we are a nation of farmers, as yet we don’t have any permaculture experts in the country. We were wondering
whether you could help!

We need help with finding some excellent permaculture experts who
might be interested in either becoming skype mentors or coming to the
Gambia to work with us. We can also feed people who come to
work with us.

In addition we’d be very grateful for any help in building a
permaculture resource center by finding all the training videos
and education materials.

Please let me know whether this is something you could help with.

Buba Jawneh
permaculture Gambia.

Hi Buba!

Great to hear from you. Some really useful ideas there, yes building up and sharing permaculture teaching resources and offering mentoring  are great ideas and essential to help spread permaculture.

I really agree with you that the potential for permacultre in Africa is huge, I sincerely hope we can find useful ways to support each others work, going forward.

Thanks for writing and please keep in touch,


Sector39 are currently working to support a Kenya permaculture tutor to complete his diploma and qualify fully as a permaculture teacher. He aims ot lead his community in Kenya towards fod security and we hope to share his learning and experiences across the network.

If anyone can help this campaign we would be really grateful.

The Chikukwa project

This is a great video, uplifitng and inspiring as to what is possible with concerted work over a period of time.

This project is very close to my heart, Chikukwa and Chimanimani district are where I learned Permaculture and what I saw there 20 years ago is what has inspired me to be on the path I am now on, as a permaculture teacher and community gardener. I met and stayed with Uli and Ellie Westerman, who you see in this video and many other characters from Permaculture in Zimbabwe.

I want to mention the name of one particular man, who I will bever forget and that is Graham Metlercamp, who taught me how to make cheese, among many other things, and who entrusted me take care of his permaculture plot in Chimanimani. Graham is no longer with us but he was part of a small group who served to inspire many others.
Congratulations to everyone involved in this project, it is an absolute inspiration!

The Chikukwa Project – Trailer from Gillian Leahy on Vimeo.