Steve (left) with a community growing team in Liverpool

Steve (left) with a community growing team in Liverpool

Steve Jones is a passionate and articulate teacher and practitioner of permaculture design with extensive knowledge of both the theory and practice of sustainable development.

More than 25 years of hands-on experience implementing and project-managing land-based initiatives such as community gardens, small farms and sustainable housing cooperatives underpin Steve’s expertise. Steve has worked  as a member of the Get-Growing team in Newtown, Powys, which supports the development of community food growing projects, and as a consultant to the Squash Nutrition urban food growing project in Liverpool.

Steve is a certified business studies and economics teacher and has a degree in sustainable development, which bring depth and professionalism to his teaching approach, he writes several blogs and is an avid networker and communicator on the subjects of sustainability, transition and co-operatives.. With his colleagues at Sector39 -Steve delivers up to six on-site permaculture design certificate courses per year alongside numerous shorter courses, including on low impact structures, introduction to permaculture and forest gardening.

The interplay between Steve’s project work and teaching allows theory and practice to continually inform each other, ensuring that he stays engaged and up to date with the latest developments on both sides.

Steve has also played a key role in the Growing Schools forest garden projects in the South East and the award winning RISC Roof Garden project in Reading. He was a founding member of Chickenshack housing co-op in West Wales, has worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid Wales and was green advisor on Channel 4’s ‘Changing Lives – Going Green’ series in 2009. Prior to that Steve ran a series of projects in Central Africa in grass-roots permaculture farming, micro-business development, sustainable agriculture, and housing and worker co-ops. Steve is currently working in coordination with the Plunkett foundation to support the development of community enterprises.

Brought up on a farm in Shropshire, Steve’s childhood memories are of working on the land, sorting potatoes and plucking turkeys. This formative experience and his subsequent observation of the ongoing changes in agricultural practices and their adverse effects on the environment have remained driving forces in his professional life.

Steve and Sector39 are based in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, in the Welsh borders.

Sector39 is an association of designers, gardeners, teachers, artisans and project crew working for a sustainable future. We run courses, build gardens and work with community projects and more .. working in Mid Wales and all over the UK.

We act as a platform to develop and deliver courses and training. We are currently working with schools, colleges, projects, new businesses, craft makers and artisans.

We work in partnership with recently launched Dragons Co-op, our new hub, shop and office in Llanrhaeadr in North Wales.  

Richard Stephenson

Ritchie is a gifted teacher of traditional crafts, green wood carpentry, instrument making, charcoal burning, fish smoking are all strings to his bow. He is a carpenter musician and cook extraordinare. He recently fulfilled a life long ambition, to make a harp, and learn to play it. Ritchie is a regular contributor to our courses and brings a great knowledge of practical skills to the course.

Susan Doleman

Sue is a spinner, weaver, musician and cook and is an imprtant part of the sector39 courses experience since 2006, when we run our first PDC together at Chickenshack Housing Coop, in Gwynedd.

Steve is available for interview and comment. To enquire about the services offered by Sector39 or Steve Jones please contact him directly on 0771 981 8959
Steve Tweets as @misterjones2u