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Permaculture Design course
This a two week (72 hour) residential course, following an internationally recognised curriculum, it is a full initiation into the world of permaculture and is an experiential learning process.

  • Theory, lively and engaging classroom sessions
  • Practicals and demonstrations. See it, do it
  • Video and slideshow, examples from across UK and around the World
  • Site visits, networking and more. Visit leading projects and meet practitioners from both local and international networks.

    All-inclusive price: £600 – *£450 (*Low income/ student) Residential Courses

    All-inclusive price: £375 – *£300 (*Low income/ student) 6 weekend courses
    weekend courses with bring and share lunches

  • Includes certification, field trips to leading projects and both practical and class room sessions
  • Camping, own caravan/ mobile accommodation and 3 delicious local food meals a day
  • (local B+B*options  *extra)

Two weeks camped under the stars, eating great food, in fertile company and in stunning North Wales is a powerful and life changing experience in itself; but permaculture design also also equips you with a set of design skills and concepts to help you bring about positive change in your own life, as well as those around you.

We can only address the environmental and economic challenges of the day by getting involved ourselves and developing our own responses the meet our own values and aspirations for a sustainable future.

I really encourage anyone who feels like they are interested in learning more about permaculture and sustainability to come on a course. It is the start of a personal journey, study of permaculture design draws out and builds on your own personal knowledge and observations, it is very positive, empowering and infectious!
Steve Jones

We can be forgiven for feeling disempowered to respond to huge complex issues like global poverty, climate change, energy and resource depletion. The answer is to respond with small and thoughtful, local solutions and initiatives, beginning with one’s own immediate environment.

A permaculture design course is a great starting point to turn convictions into actions.

“the problems of the world are increasingly complex.. however the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”
Bill Mollison

Come on a permaculture course, it could change your life!
You get to meet like minded people, visit all sorts of projects, homes, gardens and small holdings and get into a way of seeing things differently.


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2 thoughts on “Courses and events

  • November 16, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    HI Steve,
    First of all I’d like to thank you for letting me take part in your permaculture course. It was a fantastic experience with a fantastic group of people and with masses of useful information thrown in. I was really impressed with your depth of knowledge, your enthusiasm and your humour.

    I’d like to consolidate the information I learnt at the course and for me I think the best focus would be to go ahead and teach an Introduction to Permaculture course which would obviously have the additional effect of spreading the information.

    When we were on the course you mentioned that you would be willing to share some of your resources on the course and I’d be really grateful if you were still willing to do this.
    Cheers John

  • November 16, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Awesome! Thanks so much Steve, right now words fail me to express how much I have enjoyed this course!

    Matt (California)

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