Permaculture in Central Africa

Things have moved quickly over the last 3 weeks. Uganda is in shock, first a crippling drought in a place where drought is not known then the maize crop is devasted by the army worm.. a new pest from Soth America that attacks especially the F1 maize hybrid varieties.

In UK permaculture is still seen as an interesting idea, in Africa it is being seen as essential. A vital approach that speaks to African tradition yet embraces design and global vision. Traditional yet modern and fresh. Permaculture can revitalise innovation in an Afrocentric way.

We have been fortunate, we have won senior misisterial endorsement this time. From the office of the Vice President and from the minster fir education for Bugandan kingdom. 

“We want to be leaders in permaculture for Central Africa” Mary Kabanda Babirye MP. 

The Sector39 team were invited to address 60 head teachers from the central region yesterday and we presented for a full hour on our permaculture work in Wales and Uganda to the assembed group before being whisked away in the ministerial mercedes to  5 star lunch at Masaka’s top hotel.

I sense big potentials ahead. Watch this space. 

Below.. forest garden nursey in Jinja where we sourced many of the plants for recent school garden project.

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