Getting involved in permaculture


I am not used to quoting the Pope but on this matter he is correct, the climate crises demands our attention

Permaculture is something you do, so much more than something you talk about; it is an active process. Much of the ‘doing’ may involve thinking and planning but that is still active and in turn can bring about long term change. I believe permaculture is the most powerful tool we have in formulating our response to the challenges of the day.

The global response to the rapidly unfolding climate crisis requires a co-ordinated effort, we are all going to have to pull in the same direction to bring about the changes required in the increasingly limited time remaining. Permaculture design is that frame-work of understanding, a broad embrace of peraculture could be of use to evolve our collective thinking into a set of beahaviours that can have net positive impact on the biosphere. The rates of damage and depletion are such that we are required to repair and regenerate the natural world to enable us to avoid the worst excesses of the climate de-stabalistion bought about by the concined effects of agriculture, deforestation and carbon based fuel burning.

permaculture_introductionThere are tons of permaculture resurces freely available on the Internet, but still the best way to ignite your own interest in the subject is to take part in some kind of course, activity or open weekend; see it for yourself!

We are offering such a weekend this August in the Welsh mountian village of Llanrhaeadr at a hosing co-operative and craft shop, within that community. We will have a practical look at how nature works and what we might be able to learn from that in ways we can apply it to our own lives. Permaculture is psotive, informative and fun and by invovling yoruself you will meet likeminded people whilst having the chance to expore this amazing area and its community.


If that really intrests you then you might also consider undertaking the full 2 week PDC, an immersion in permaculture design over the course of 2 weeks, whilst covering the internationally recogised curriculum.

These can literally be life changing experiences and less dramatically they do offer a chance to put things into perspective and to allow yourself to focus on your own personal priorities for once. Permaculture teaches us that change is inevitable and that design and evolution present useful strategies and models of how to deal with change and turn it to an advantage.

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  • June 20, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    I am excited to be working close to home as we build to wards a community transition design rject later in the year. Here at Sector39 we are convinced that now is the time for meaningful action responding to climate change and the huge economic and social changes that will come in the wake of that.

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