Paul Mason on a new kind of economy

This guy is well worth paying attention to. He has been writing and talking on this subject for a while, here is a succinct and engaging summary of his core ideas. Although, as an economics commentator he is approaching this from a different perspective nothing that he says conflicts with the permaculture vision for the future. The only future that is possible, one that respects and nurtures the living planet we are part of, as well as all its fellow inhabitants. Technology, information sharing and open source knowledge and the active removal of patents and copyright creates a whole new set of possibilities.

Meanwhile, here is a subject close to my heart. Chickens.

Any talk of a new kind of economy has to think a lot about co-operatives and other similar forms of mutual ownership and control of assets likes homes and businesses. Since when did we become a nation of property speculators?

Anyone who know me will know that we are celebrating 20 years of co-operation at Chickenshack Co-op this year, and here is a party even this weekend. Chickenshack was our bold attempt to pioneer a permaculture inspired community, one that follows and embraces the values of Earthcare, People Care and individual choices to limit consumption and re-invest surplus for mutual benefit. we are thrilled to celebrating their 20th anniversary this month and reflecting back on the many ups and downs along the way to getting there. Here at Sector39 we are finding an increasing interest in Co-operatives as an alternative route to housing and we are putting together training packages and talks for aspiring co-operators.

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On Chicken welfare!

Chicken care.. how to team up with your Chooks for happiness and abundance.

Here is a great article on caring for your precious Chooks. From The Happy Chicken Coop.

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