Permaculture revolution – the path to freedom

While the politicians rant on about how we might kick start our stalled growth-led economy and the oil and gas companies fracture the rocks and delve into the ocean floor to extract the diminishing dregs of the economy’s lifeblood: cheap energy and while we argue about who is to blame for the financial crisis and collapse of credit perhaps we are missing a whole new and different approach to solving our woes?

We need to escape the old left/ right industrial age paradigm and embrace a whole shift in perspective.. from the extractive to the organic, from physics to biology.. If we were to embrace the biology of our planet, rather than treat it a set of resources to be liquidated we may find abundance not scarcity and a true path to harmony. There is another way and a great many and an increasing number of people have been studying ways and exploring its implications of how might live in this planet sustainably.. some call this other way permaculture design. Permaculture is as simple as it is powerful and is packed full of new possibilities and potentials, solutions, not problems. Permaculture is a word created to describe that process, of how we learn to harmonise and work with nature and learn to make this step beyond the extractive degenerative phase of economic growth  to something much more whole, sane and truly sustainable.


Regular permaculture courses in Mid Wales

Permaculture is the path to freedom. The more we can achieve through good design the less we need resources, money and labour to meet our needs. Energy efficient housing, highly productive yet low input gardens and landscapes, using gravity and natural forces to clean water, compost wastes and return outputs as inputs, interconnected communities and vibrant local economies all combine together to make a much more abundant World. One much more resilient to outside forces and changes and one able to meet core needs from local resources. Freedom from consumption and the endless treadmill of work a day life is the true path to freedom and to exploring and achieving one’s own personal goals.

The sustainability revolution is a bottom up process.. it is just people taking the time to educate them selves to work with their own powers of observation and experience and them beginning to apply that learning to world around them.

Studying a permaculture design course can be a major step on one’s personal journey to a more abundant, interconnected and life. Find out more about up and coming courses with Sector39 and Get-Growing

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A permaculture design course is a 2-week curriculum, created with the intention of creating a self replicating body of knowledge which maps out the essential skills and perspectives required to understand the mechanism of how the World works. Permaculture engenders an understanding of natural systems,  how the soil beneath our feet lives and breathes and how to live in partnership with it rather than by ruthlessly exploiting it.

What is true for the natural world is also true for society and our economic systems.. permaculture observes and communicates these patterns of abundance. The formula for success in natural systems which are dynamic, robust and productive is the same for human systems and with a permaculture design approach this abundance is attainable, indeed it is essential in enabling us all to make the evolutionary step required to progress beyond the vast economic, ecological and social challenges of the day.


This is a special one-off course, working closely to redesign a small holding and provide a space for people to come to together to explore strategies for strong network of individuals and communities working for sustainability


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