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Here is the Keiser report, in this latest episode Max and Stacey speculate on Obama’s grasp of TTIP and liken it to a new form of slavery. In part two, helping heal those post election gashes and wounds; an enlightened and powerful conversation with with Green candidate Tina Louise Rothery.

Despite occasional (and forgivable) bouts of shrillness and a tendency to go a bit cartoonish when agitated, Max is one of the clearest anti-austerity voices out there. He is an ex broker, radical economist and the fountain of a lot of very challenging, groundbreaking and incredibly creative ideas. He’s backed up with razor sharp analysis from side kick Stacey and while maintaining an in-touch everyman stance, seems to be able to pull in anyone he chooses from the world of politics, finance and celebrity to fill the visitors chair for his second half interviews.

My podcast has a way to go to reach this kind of quality and fluidity of dialogue, but I am keen to help find a permaculture voice and narrative on the events going on around us, so I hope practice will help me improve. I also look forward to collaborating more with others, once we are set up in the new office.

.What was really apparent to me in the whole election process is that the environment, climate change and the energy crisis failed to be the areas of debate and the tightly controlled frame that defines the arena of political discussion stayed closely focussed on red herring issues like immigration.

And of course and here is where Max is right, what underpins it all is the economy. We are hooked to the growth economy, the very thing that pits us at odds with the environment and each other. We are still pursuing the politics and economics of scarcity and failing to see the potentials of abundance. Please listen below for some more thoughts on that and related subjects!

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Podcast006: Dragons, politics and farming

Podcast006: Dragons, politics and farming

This is where your food comes from. Much of our veg and salad is grown 2000km away in Spain, in an arid area. Much of the work is done by extremely low paid migrant labour from North Africa. Not exactly the most resilient way to feed the UK.


In the latest edition of our podcast:

  • We talk to Ian Steel at Treflach farm, about setting up sustainable food businesses and to get a perspective on farming over the last 6 decades and his experience of hosting a series of Permaculture Design Courses with Sector39.
  • We spend a little time pondering what would be in the Sector39 political manifesto, if it were to have one and we announce news of our latest exciting co-operative venture.
  • All this and a selection of top world music to keep you up to date on permaculture in the Mid Wales here at Sector39

Podcast006 (download Here)
Apologies for poor sound quality on the farm interview – it is still well worth hearing

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Green Party Election Broadcast

Wasn’t sure what to make of this at first.. then I decided I loved it.. it is really funny and makes its point well. ‘Let’s Frack this green and pleasant land’ they get a lovely dig in there about tuition fees as well, spot on. Apparently young people are joining the Greens in droves… well I hope so, and I hope this time a different voice is heard across the land. Austerity is a lie, lower taxes for the rich and corporate give aways while people really suffer.. the coalition has been a disaster and has taken us entirely in the wrong direction.

I hear today that

Conservative energy and climate change minister Matthew Hancock has taken £18,000 from a key backer of the UK’s leading climate sceptic lobby group, the Guardian can disclose.

According to official records, Hancock has accepted five donations over the years from City currency manager Neil Record, who has given money to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and is on the board of its campaigning arm.

The most recent donation to the MP was £4,000 given in November last year – after Hancock became a minister with responsibility for energy.


S39_Podcast#5.. Something stirring

Thinking differently, it’s a game changer


Drought in California, understanding climate change does not require belief or science. It is visible

Yes there have been droughts before and no, one drought is not proof of climate change but California is facing a disaster. Intensive, heavy input farming methods put huge stresses on the water resources and wildlife of the central valley of California. The heavily cultivated landscape is in no way prepared for or resilient to a 4 year long drought and soaring temperatures. This combination of factors coupled with the presence of a water hungry fossil fuel extraction industry men the region is facing long term challenges on a huge scale. In the podcast below i argue strongly that it is high time we started to think radically differently.

The Human heart, a map of desire..

human_heart_800wTim Jackson argues that the current economic paradigm over emphasises only one quadrant of potential human motivation at the expense of the other three. Our Individual quest for the novel, personal wealth and status is at the expense of community, society and tradition. A glimmering promise of something new and different, that in some way might reflect on our personal status and we are prepared to throw long term tested ideas and values as well as our connection to community and altruism for others. Its an interesting idea and frame to look at things through.. and makes a lot of sense in our short term consumerist society of the moment.


Visit the Get-Growing project site.. An archive of the development of Newtown Llanidloes and Llanfyllin community gardens.

Something stirring.. the gratifying site of seeing the Newtown community garden to come to life.

Podcast S39#005 Something Stirring – Permaculture needs to go mainstream!

Pod cast 5 towards a permaculture academy Down load

Latest permaculture courses up and coming with Sector39



Slide show: Permaculture education, going mainstream

First in a series leading up to the launch of the Permaculture Academy later this year.

Permaculture needs to escape its roots and go mainstream, everyone who has a stake in living on this planet without destroying it needs the benefit of its wisdom and understanding.

In the first of a series of posts I will be outlining the aims and unveiling the Permaculture Academy is all its glory.  It is 25 years nearly since I first walked onto Dairy Plot farm in Chimanimani and first came into contact with permaculture design in all its glory and its 20 years since I completed my first PDC and now 10 years since I started convening and hosting my own courses as Sector39, time for the next stage in the plan!


Permaculture in 2015

Change is coming, climate Change and resource depletion is pushing our economy to its limit. We can’t have never ending growth in a finite world, yet the politicians and the bankers can only keep playing the same tune and hope the system doesn’t collapse on their watch. Retreating into nationalism and xenophobia will not release us from the paradigm shift that awaits us. Permaculture is a design philosophy that prepares you for change, tunes you into the patterns of the natural world and prepares you for the road ahead.

For 2015 we have enlarged our programme of courses and are working with partners to develop a co-ordinated Permaculture Academy, allowing us to develop opportunities for involvement in the emerging sustainable economy. We are offering two 2-week residential courses in Wales Summer and Autumn, as well as our first International PDC in Uganda. This follows on from the 6 weekend course we have just completed at RISC in Reading, which we will be offering again, in January 2016. And also, for the first time, the International Permaculture Convergence is coming to the UK.. a chance for the global permaculture community to come together to consider ways forward, share best practice and offer mutual support.. 2015 is a big year for permaculture!

To find out more about this and other projects we have in development please subscribe to our blog, get in touch, or join us on Facebook.. most importantly of all, make 2015 the year you find out more about permaculture. Get involved!

Come and work with us in 2015 and find out how to respond to the environmental shift.